NFL struggles in survey of game-day experience

As the at-home viewing experience gets better and better, the NFL has struggled in recent years with the challenge of luring fans to the stadium. The results of a new survey demonstrate the depths of the NFL’s struggles to give fans the same kind of game-day experience that other sports provide.

Via the San Jose Mercury News, the Temkin Group collected data on fan feedback for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Nascar, the PGA, Major League Soccer, the WNBA, and ATP (which I think is tennis or something). The survey focused on nine different aspects of the game-day experience, and the NFL finished last in eight of the categories.

Throw in the presence of drunk, profane, hostile, and/or violent fans, and who would choose to go to a game? To improve fan satisfaction, the NFL needs to continue to strive to give fans something more than can get at home, with the holy grail being access to the communications between the sidelines and the quarterback and/or the defensive player with the green dot on his helmet.

“I think for those guys, they’re going to have their role in how it’s all going to play out. They certainly like Rico. He has big ability to stretch the field. Coming off the basketball court, he’s athletic. He can make plays. Can he do it for 60 plays? He hasn’t shown that consistency to be able to do that. They’re going to have to lean on Swaim to be able to kind of carry the workload, but they do have young talent in Jarwin and Rico that they see as a little bit of a flash player that can come in and have roles in the red zone or third down and the passing game.

“So those guys will be OK. I feel like sitting in those meetings with them and going through the last few years, they know what it takes to play that position. I hope that I have shown them that, but they can’t put the pressure on themselves. They just need to go play and feel confident in that system. Scott Linehan has had success with tight ends, so they’ll figure out their roles and what they want to do. Really, more than anything, they got to get comfortable in this Dak-friendly offense that they’re building in Dallas.”

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