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The consistency ratings weigh both how consistent and how start-worthy players have been in ESPN leagues in 2017.

Start%: The player’s “start percentage,” which shows how often he earned your start in an ESPN standard PPR (points per reception) league. This is his number of “Starts” — those defined below — divided by his number of scheduled team games. The brilliant Russell Wilson offered tricks of his own during a game capped by... Read More »

The NFLPA will ask the 5th Circuit Court for an en banc hearing.

The Briscoes, who are eight-time Ring of Honor tag team champions, are scheduled to wrestle EYFBO, who just dropped their Impact tag team championship, in the tournament. “Tag team wrestling is tag team wrestling, and we do it at the highest level,” said Mark Briscoe. “EYFBO appears to have a lot of potential. When the... Read More »

The Horned Frogs are … offside.

If Cousins does leave Washington as a free agent in the offseason, the popular assumption was that he would end up in San Francisco. Cousins reportedly clamored to be dealt to the Bay Area during the offseason, given that Washington has shown little interest in signing Cousins to a market-value extension. Yep, that’s coming back.... Read More »

“So I don’t know if you could call what we had a winning culture.”

Maybe there was no melodrama — no hate, no unhealable rift, no watershed argument that broke them. Sometimes, teams lose, doubt festers, relationships reach their ending point. “We haven’t won,” Griffin says. Watson also now has three games of at least 30 fantasy points in his past four, his three helping him join Cam Newton... Read More »

For nobody is that more true of than Minnesota’s Jimmy Butler.

Elliott and his team met with the investigation’s four outside advisors: Peter Harvey, a former New Jersey attorney general; Kenneth Houston, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame; Tonya Lovelace, a domestic violence expert and CEO of the Women of Color Network, Inc.; and Mary Jo White, a former U.S Attorney. “We reviewed... Read More »

Pat Riley and the Heat will never really try anything super out there with their jerseys.

Their Nike threads remain unchanged from the start of the decade. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for their red alternates, however. The defense is surrendering an NFL-low 261 yards a game despite the lack of strong offensive support. Trevor Siemian (9 TDs, 10 interceptions, 61.5 completion percentage) has unraveled in... Read More »

Todd Schlopy was on the slopes, teaching kids how to ski race, a placekicker who’d grown disillusioned with football.

Many of the laughs the cast has shared this month, on screen and off, have stemmed from the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox—and most of them have been initiated by Rodriguez. There were only 28 NFL teams at the time, so that meant there were only 28 jobs for kickers in the... Read More »